About Us

“Infinite Evolution is an artist run visionary art & apparel brand started in 2018, created and curated by artist Danny Sanzone aka Sanzone Art. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Infinite Evolution prides itself on having the highest quality Apparel, Designs, Fine Art, Accessories, Branding, and Customer Service possible.

When Danny Sanzone is not selling his art, he is creating it. A mixture of digital design and painting allows Danny to create amazing pieces of artwork, with an extremely unique style. Aside from creating art in his studio, or live at stages at festivals, Sanzone also live paints at the Infinite Evolution Vendor Booth often. The one-of-a-kind limited edition designs, close attention to quality, and high standards for customer service are just some of the things that sets Infinite Evolution apart. Each piece of art or design has a story behind it. With the help of many others including artists, friends, and workers, Sanzone has curated a community centered around a love for artistic expression, and the search for eternal wisdom.

Members of the "Infinite Family" share similar core values including: choosing love over hate, expressing positivity, having empathy for others, respecting and loving ones self, keeping an open mind, keeping your ego in check, having humility in all things, finding balance, and non-judgement of those who are different. Infinite Evolution stands for our collective, continuous conscious evolution into the infinite fabric of existence. By gaining a better understanding of ourselves and our reality, we can all evolve towards a higher, more unified, and more aware consciousness.”

Pop-Up Shop

Infinite Evolution also curates craft vendor booths that we take to festivals and events. In the first 2 years vending festivals, we have setup shop at over 30+ Festivals and shows and driven over 50,000 miles across the United States.

The Team

Danny Sanzone

Danny Sanzone

After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in printmaking and sculpture in 2014, Danny Sanzone has continuously created new works of art. He started his own business out of his Atlanta based studio in 2014 while still working full time. Since starting Infinite Evolution in 2018, he has increased his capacity to not only create new art and designs constantly, but also to create tons of products and run the day to day operations of the business. Sanzone has traveled and live painted at festivals and events all over the country. His passion for art and music has led to the creation of many new inspired designs, which are now available in the Infinite Evolution online store. Sanzone's artwork blends scientific concepts with transcendental imagery, while utilizing natural forms and sacred geometry. His work attempts to unveil the beauty inherent in the natural world by showing that science, technology, nature, and magic are all one. Danny Sanzone now works full time, running Infinite Evolution from it's new headquarters located in Denver, Colorado.

Catch Infinite Evolution's pop-up shop at some of the biggest music festivals and events!